First Birthday Cake Smash for Isla

Isla’s First Birthday Cake Smash Surprise

by Cardiff Cake Smash experts Gary and Sue

All we can say to this Cake Smash session in our Cardiff studio is that some babies need a little help to get started.  Baby Isla just went straight in!

Check out her expressions as her hands went into the cake mix!

Fun Cake Smash for 1 year old in Cardiff

Fun Cake Smash for 1 year old in Cardiff

To see all the images take a look at the You Tube video below:



One bit of advice from Sue, who made this cake.  Well almost made it…  It is just an inexpensive sponge cake – Sue took off the original icing and made up a butter icing which she then pasted (bet that’s the wrong terminology!) all over and added some small marshmallow bits and a candle in the shape of a number one.

Next time we will be advising to buy just a cheap sponge cake and ice it yourself…

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